WLD-TEC RF Stick Working Method

Simple Operation Wireless and safe flame sterilization! The new Wireless-Series "RF" offers wire-free foot pedal operation for laboratory gas burners. Simply plug the RF-Stick into the safety lab gas burner and the burner can be controlled with a battery powered radio foot pedal.

WLD-TEC RF Stick Connection Security

Safe connection The specially developed safety protocol of the RF-Series ensures reliable radio communication between the foot pedal and the laboratory gas burner. Also, automatic channel selection enables parallel use of multiple RF-Stick systems.

WLD-TEC RF Stick Battery Life

Power-saving RF technology provides maximum battery life for the battery powered footswitch. The RF-Stick is fed directly from the lab gas burner.

RF Stick radio set for Fuego and Gasprofi series.

A simple solution for wireless foot pedal operation on the lab and clean room bench.

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