Elga Micra Deionized Pure Water System

Elga Micra Deionized Pure Water System

Elga Micra is an economical, efficient pure water system that continuously produces laboratory water equivalent to or better than distilled water or provides water to ultrapure water. It is an effective and reliable alternative to distilled water or bottled water used in laboratories. Compared to distilled water dispensers, Micra offers a "mountable" solution that significantly reduces energy consumption and system maintenance costs while providing consistently high purity water.

Usage Areas

  • Buffer solution preparation
  • Microbiological culture medium preparation
  • Clinical biochemistry and biomedical analysis devices
  • Chemical analysis and preparation of synthesis solutions
  • Feeding devices producing ultra pure water of Type 1 quality
  • All other Type 2 pure water applications

Elga Micra has a 25 liter tank

Technical specifications for purified water

Model Micra
Water production flow - max. up to 8 liters / hour
Inorganic (resistance at 25 ° C) > 2 (usually> 10MΩ-cm) *
Inorganic (conductivity @ 25 ° C) <0.5 (usually <0.1 / S / cm) *
Organic matter (total organic carbon) <50 ppb
pH neutral
Particulate matter Reverse osmosis
Water Tap water
Conductivity 2000 μS / cm
Calcium <250 ppm as CaCO3
Free chlorine <0.5 ppm
Silica <30 ppm
Oil pollution index <10
Ions / Mn <0.1 ppm
Organic matter (total organic carbon) <3 ppm
Temperature 4 - 40 ° C (15 - 25 ° C range recommended)
Flow rate (15 ° C) 1,5 liter / minute
Emission requirements 1.5 liter / minute (only falls by gravity)