About Us

Deril Kimya was established in 2008 by a team with many years of experience in this field for the supply of analytical devices and laboratory equipment, and has successfully completed very important projects in the field over the years, has been operating in the international arena, developing its technical staff and infrastructure, has taken place.

Deril Kimya is not only a provider of laboratory equipment at the moment, but also offers "Complete Laboratory Solutions" to its customers. Research, control and development laboratories' projects for new investments, pre-project consultancy, necessary financing organization for investment, lending, feasibility & amp; It has adopted as a principle to fully meet the expectations of its customers by carrying out budget studies, offering high technologies to the end user within the scope of the investment, completing the assembly, training, application and service services.

Deril Kimya, with its wide portfolio of supplier companies, as well as advanced technology devices, laboratory equipment, sample preparation equipment, consumables and laboratory furniture, which are required by general physics, chemistry, biology, medical laboratories, are the general products of specialized international companies that have proven their reliability and success in their field. continues as the distributor. It responds to the expectations of its customers through its dealer network throughout the country and provides after-sales service & amp; It maintains its service and performance by providing training support.

The "Turnkey Laboratory Project", in line with the target applications determined, detection limits specified in the regulations and the budgets, can be used to select the most appropriate laboratory infrastructure, design, place the bench and devices, supply, install, operate the infrastructure and perform the applications determined by the training of the users, and the laboratory can be put into operation. It refers to a comprehensive process that includes the arrival stages. Each project has its own unique qualities and requirements. The firm that will establish a Turnkey Laboratory is not only a company that can supply products in a product list; will be able to make recommendations to the company that will make the investment within the framework of their experiences; is a company that can provide the highest quality products and services as a whole with the knowledge and experience of its employees, suppliers, domestic and foreign business partners and references.

As Deril Kimya, we continue to reinforce the trust and loyalty of our customers with our turnkey projects. We contribute to the success of companies that choose to work with us by not overwhelming with details, only by including them in the critical decision stages, by delivering the laboratories we know best, in the most professional way.

Our Activity Areas

  • Environmental Laboratory Establishment,
  • Soil Laboratory Establishment,
  • Food Laboratory Establishment,
  • Water Laboratory Establishment,
  • Establishment of Quality Control Laboratories,
  • R&D Laboratories Establishment,
  • Complete Laboratory Solutions
  • Consultancy services

Our main products

  • Analytical Systems
  • General Purpose Laboratory Equipment
  • Chromatography Consumables
  • Microbiological Test Systems

Our services

  • Sales
  • Service and Parts Supply
  • Application
  • Education
  • Turnkey Laboratory Projects

It continues to share our experience in the sector with you; We take pride in contributing to your success with our experience.

Deril Kimya