SI Analytics

SCHOTT laid the foundations for its success in the field of electrochemical measurement with the development of glass electrodes 75 years ago. In the following years, it has continuously improved the production of high-performance, pH, conductivity, oxygen measuring devices and innovative electrodes of these devices. Especially with the piston burettes and titrators symbolized by the name Schott, it has become an indispensable and determinant brand in all sectors where electrochemical measurements are made. In 2003, SCHOTT Instruments GmbH joined the USA-based Nova Analytics Group, but continued its activities in Mainz.

In 2009, SCHOTT Instruments GmbH changed its name to SI Analytics GmbH and included the company's core production area, its main products; electrochemical measuring devices and sensors.

In 2010, Nova Analytics Co was integrated into ITT company, ITT Analytics. The fields of activity of ITT Corporation; The management of water and liquids is divided into global defense and security, and movement and flow control: As a result of these acquisition operations, ITT Corporation has become a high-tech engineering and manufacturing company operating on seven continents in these three important markets.

On October 31, 2011, ITT corp. structurally divided into three different companies, SI Analytics is now Xylem inc. has been included.

Today, the high quality of Electrochemical measuring devices and electrodes, titrators and capillary viscometers has continuously developed seventy market shares to ensure the continuity of the trust of existing customers in the SI Analytics brand.

SI Analytics has never lowered the quality standard in all its products.

SI Analytics Branded Products