WLD-TEC was founded in 1994 by Andrea and Bernd Wartewig. With twenty years of international experience, the company is a world-renowned specialist company in security laboratory gas burners and electrical tempering systems.

Application Areas

The brand's new SteriMax basic and SteriMax smart electric annealing systems, which can respond to the needs of safe gas burner solutions especially in the microbiology, gene and bioengineering market, are ideal for use in any laboratory, anaerobic working environment and Laminar Flow Cabinet.

Modern Production

The WLD-TEC series of laboratory gas burners, electrical annealing systems, prototypes and specialist equipment have been developed and produced for large customers in the laboratory and medical technology sector in a production area of ​​over 400 square meters.

You can obtain WLD-TEC branded security laboratory gas burners and electric annealing systems by contacting Deril Kimya.