SI Analytics ViscoClock Plus

SI Analytics ViscoClock Plus

ViscoClock is an electronic time-measuring unit used to determine absolute and relative viscosity. It consists of a stand on which the viscometer is attached and an electronic measurement unit. The stand, where the two measurement levels are combined, is made of high quality PPA synthetic material and the electronic measurement unit is protected with PP material. The large LCD screen allows the values ​​to be easily read.

SI Analytics ViscoClock Plus Usage Area

ViscoClock is designed for our Ubbelohde, Mikro-Ubbelohde and Mikro-Ostwald viscometers. ViscoClock measures the flow time of the liquid passing through the capillaries at constant temperature and it is possible to work in the temperature range of -40 ° C to 150 ° C. It is suitable to use water, alcohol-water, paraffin oil or silicone oil for temperature stability in a thermostat bath. Liquid samples are measured accurately with viscometer.

Accuracy Precision with SI Analytics ViscoClock Plus

Flow time is displayed with 1/100 second quartz precision. Absolute and relative viscosity is calculated with time measured with an accuracy of 0.1% and specified with 95% confidence along with the measurement uncertainty.

Absolute Viscosity Only calibrated viscometers are suitable for absolute viscosity measurement in thermostatic baths.

Relative viscosity All calibrated or uncalibrated Ubbelohde Viscometers can be used for manual and automatic measurements for the measurement and calculation of relative viscosity.


Measuring range flow time up to 999.99 seconds; resolution 0.01 s
Accuracy of time measurement ± 0.01 s; but not better than 0.1%
Measuring range viscosity depending on viscometer
Power supply DC + 9V using 100-240V universal power supply
Types of viscometers Ubbelohde, Micro Ubbelohde and Micro Ostwald viscometer made by SI Analytics® Max.
capillary size: IV (DIN Ubb.), related 4 (ASTM Ubb.)
Compatible thermostat baths All glass panel thermostat baths of SI Analytics®
Links USB to connect printer (TZ 3863) or USB flash drive